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Ending Domestic Violence for Everyone!

The Long Walk

“Thank you for being a part of this journey of mine. People who know me will know that I am a survivor. I’m one of those people we rarely talk about at parties. Everyone has demons - mine are related to a childhood and youth full of alcohol and drug-fuelled abuse - emotional, physical, and sexual.

As a male I was expected to just deal with my problems, and despite everything NZ says it does for survivors of abuse I could not find anyone who was willing and able to accept me as a victim of severe and lifelong terrors. Man or boy, there was no place in New Zealand for me as a victim. As my life went on, I found myself in ever-increasing cycles of violence. Now, as an older man, I intend to turn things around.

Commencing October 2019, I will face my demons. I will turn my back on them, and literally walk away from them. And I will share with everyone who cares to hear me along the way that there is change coming. I hope that I will be given the honour of reaching out and touching the hand of just one more person like me as I walk The Long Pathway to freedom.

With the assistance and support of Black Ribbon New Zealand I will literally walk the length of New Zealand along the Te Araroa Trail whilst promoting the Black Ribbon’s campaign – ‘Ending Domestic Violence for Everyone’.

Te Araroa (The Long Pathway) is New Zealand's longest tramping route, stretching 3000km along the length of the country's two main islands from Cape Reinga to Bluff. It is anticipated it will take me  approximately 5-6 months (October 2019 through to April 2020) to complete the journey.

You will have the opportunity to follow me on my journey, through media channels on the Black Ribbon website, Facebook page, Twitter and radio network promotions nationwide.  I need to raise at least $10,000.00 to make this journey happen, and I will be asking for support and sponsorship along the way. the ways you can help me and contribute towards my journey are outlined below.

Thank you,
Jon Taylor


  1. Make a Donation of any amount here. Alternately, you can make your donation directly to our account: Westpac 03-0435-0029021-001 - REF: Surname-Initial (please add your reference).
  2. Show your support on Jon's GoGetFunding page, and share with your friends on social media.
  3. Buy Jon's Artwork - See the range of art available for sale on TradeMe and Facebook.
  4. Donations - with donated goods and services by contacting our Fundraising Coordinator (see below).
  5. Trail Angels - required along the Trail who can provide an awesome service, whether it be a bed, a spot to camp for the night or a hot drink, or shower. Contact our Fundraising Coordinator for more details.

Note: All sponsors of services and products will be acknowledged for their contribution towards Jon’s journey via Black Ribbon New Zealand’s media pages, should they not prefer to remain anonymous.

The Black Ribbon New Zealand Trust will be making the Te Araroa Trail Walk an annual event, for any individuals or groups wishing to participate, with purpose to raise awareness or campaign for a good cause. All items, including equipment and electronics, received through donations or sponsorship will remain the property of the Trust, for other walkers to use.

Please contact our Fundraising Coordinator for further information about how you can contribute to Jon’s Journey:

Jan Eustace
Fundraising Coordinator
Tel: 021 1783180