Black Ribbon New Zealand
Ending Domestic Violence for Everyone!

About Black Ribbon

The Trust

The Black Ribbon New Zealand Trust exists to promote awareness of domestic and family violence as non-discriminatory in terms of any of the prohibited grounds of discrimination pursuant to Section 21 of the Human Rights Act 1993.

The Trust is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 as a charitable trust.  The Black Ribbon New Zealand Trust uses all donations and other funds to administer its purposes as per the Trust Deed.

Our Focus for 2019-2021 and beyond

Our focus for 2019-2021 is to establish and/or promote programmes which directly assist communities nation-wide and are not limited to physical locations. If you would like Black Ribbon to promote your organisation, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Black Ribbon currently operates as a social media awareness campaign. We have minimal active volunteers and need to develop an active volunteer base around New Zealand, for which we need a volunteer co-ordinator. We have an advocacy service established to operate under the auspices of the Trust, which currently provides crisis support for men who have nowhere to turn for advice and assistance. The Trust looks forward to extending the advocacy services to support other vulnerable groups in the future. 

The Board

The governance Board of the Trust is made up of between 3 and 9 members who share a common purpose - to bring about an equitable discussion about ending family violence through self-reflection and understanding, education, and respect for others in New Zealand. We recognise the responsibility that individuals have to bringing an end to violence in our homes and communities.

The Board of Trustees for the current year are:

Brendon Sargent 
Steve Greig
Wayne Burrows
Jan Eustace (Secretary)
Chris Munday (Chairperson)
Rachel Rolston (Treasurer)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Trust has responsibility for day-to-day operations, reporting to the Board all of it's activities which may include:

  • Oversight of programs operated through the Trust
  • Volunteer activities
  • Political reach
  • Marketing and Media
  • Legal or financial matters

Trustee Emeriti

The governance Board may also from time to time appoint Trustee Emeriti, who serve at the pleasure of the Board. Trustee Emeritus is an honorary title bestowed upon former Trustees who have given exemplary service to the Trust in previous years. They can act as representatives of the Board when needed, and can serve as a valuable source of wisdom and institutional memory.

Other Black Ribbon Campaigns

The Black Ribbon New Zealand Trust and the Black Ribbon social media campaign are not affiliated to the entity known simply as "Black Ribbon" which was formed in 2012. Nor are we affiliated to any other organisation in any country which bears the name 'Black Ribbon'.