Black Ribbon New Zealand
Ending Domestic Violence for Everyone!

The Black Ribbon Campaign

Black Ribbon New Zealand seeks to end domestic and family violence towards EVERYONE by asking all Kiwi's to acknowledge and modify their own behaviour and attitudes towards violence in domestic relationships. We are a volunteer based organisation predominantly operating in the Central North Island, but reaching out throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. Please help us to work towards providing non-discriminatory services to New Zealanders when they choose change.

Domestic violence doesn't just happen to women - it happens to EVERYONE.

EVERYONE has emotions, and sometimes heightened emotions results in violence being directed towards vulnerable people we live with. Especially vulnerable people include children, the elderly, the disabled, and marginalised groups like men and boys or people in minority groups who have no support networks. EVERYONE knows someone who is vulnerable.

New Zealand has suffered far too long, and suffered too much loss. It's time for change. If we stand together, we can make a difference! Please join us. Stopping domestic violence in its tracks begins with you and me, but it's EVERYONE's business!

The Ribbon & Koru

Over the years, a black ribbon has been used as a symbol for many different causes and events - political statements, remembrance, or for mourning those who have lost their lives in unspeakable tragedies. Without detracting from any other reason for holding up a black ribbon, the Black Ribbon New Zealand Trust has added the distinct symbol of the New Zealand koru to our ribbon. While the black of the ribbon traditionally represents mourning and loss, the koru adds the hope of a new beginning. We have chosen the koru to represent our persistent drive towards new understandings, and working together to bring hope for change to homes throughout New Zealand.

Thank you to our Ambassadors!

In 2021, the Bay of Plenty Coastal Cruisers motorcycle club (based in Mount Maunganui) became the ambassadors for the Black Ribbon New Zealand Trust.

Well-respected Ambassadors are vital to Black Ribbon being visible in the community, building support to meet the purposes of the Trust, and actively supporting our kaupapa among their friends, in their workplaces, and out in their communities.

We are very grateful to the BOPCC family of superstars for their ongoing support for Black Ribbon!

About BOPCC:
BOPCC is a group of keen motorcyclists, whose interests revolve around good times, and great friends. Social rides and weekends away a regular part of our community, and while most members lean towards American bikes, all shapes and sizes are welcome. The club is open every Friday night, and we welcome new members, or groups that are passing through who want to shoot the breeze with like-minded people. Catch up with the BOP Coastal Cruisers on Facebook!